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With 20+ years of corporate and marketing communications experience, I offer a full range of writing and consulting services. About the only things I don't write are jingle melodies (but I can hum a tune).

On the agency side, I've worked as a senior copywriter, art director, creative director, production manager, as well as a
radio and TV producer. On the corporate side, I've both worked and managed a range of functions, including marketing communications, public relations, internal communications, and web and e-commerce.

I trained as a journalist, with a 1981 B.A. from Ohio State, but quickly realized a reporter's salary could barely feed myself, much less a family. So, saying bye-bye to bylines and i
n search of a better paying communications career, my wife-to-be and I packed all we owned into a 1972 Ford Pinto and drove from Columbus to San Francisco.

Soon enough I found my way to the Silicon Valley, working at Apple Computer during its multimedia heydays, 1987-94. Then I joined Hewlett-Packard as a contract webmaster, writer and knowledge-management specialist. I landed at Siemens-Rolm in late '94, where assignments have included a Munich-based global role leading its nascent web and e-commerce efforts in 1997-98 and, after relocating to Boca Raton, Fla., developing a 23-person marketing communications function from scratch for its U.S. telecommunications operations in 2001-02.

Throughout my career, I've freelanced frequently while working my "day jobs" and have enjoyed many opportunities to write about extremely interesting (and often arcane) technologies, from semiconductor design tools to pioneering broadband multimedia to early MPEG compression.

Although much of my commercial experience is business-to-business, I've done a large amount of retail and consumer work, too.
Retail radio and TV. Direct mail. Catalog copy.
Fashion advertisements in Vogue. Packaging for Gymboree.

What sets me apart from other writers/consultants? In addition to broad writing skills, I offer three key distinctions: (1) the ability to convey the business contexts and drivers of your messages; (2) the ability to derive and communicate differentiated value and benefits in fresh, compelling and memorable ways; and (3) creativity and resourcefulness to get the job done on-time and on-budget no matter how daunting your deadlines or meager your budgets.

So, got an assignment? Need it tomorrow?
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