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ConnectPR Agency Principal Holly Hagerman ...
"Unlike many writers, Bill has a tremendous ability to 'get' the essence of a topic the first time and then communicate it in a lively and compelling way."

Siemens Marketing Director Russ Jaskot ...
"Working with Bill almost daily for more than seven years, I've never seen anything but excellent output from him, whether its message development, packaging messages or delivering them across any number of media."

Global Communications Networks Founder & President Chris Palermo ...
"Bill is a total communications professional, having both designed my new website and writing all of its copy. Most importantly, he thinks about my communication needs not at a project level but with my big sales and marketing picture in view."

The Ecology Works Founder & President Jim Burnett ...
"No matter what the project, I can always count on Bill to cut through the noise and deliver  writing that's clear, concise and on target."

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